Why You Need to Sweep Snowmelt Debris Quickly

Sweeping snowmelt debris might not always be your top priority during the winter months, but it’s imperative for your property’s safety and aesthetics that it gets addressed quickly!

From a safety perspective, tenants or customers are at risk of injuring themselves by tripping over snowmelt debris. It’s critical to mitigate any instances that put someone in a dangerous situation.

Additionally, the image and aesthetic of your property are dependent upon many factors, including the snowmelt debris that might be left outside. Snowmelt can leave large piles of dirt, mud, and trash within your parking lot, discourage visitors or possible customers from traveling to your property. It could also damage your image for future times they might’ve visited.

Finally, a commonly overlooked reason is to preserve the air quality of your surroundings. On windy days, air can blow around the dirt piles – towards people on your property. These dirt projectiles may cause damage to the eyes or lungs of those people, so it’s important to remove this risk as quickly as possible.

Although the weather can be chaotic in Colorado, and storms frequently occur, it’s still just as important to quickly clean away the snowmelt they leave behind for the safety of your tenants, customers, and your property.

Contact DCPS today so we can help make cleaning your snow melt quick and easy!

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