• (720) 575 – DCPS

    Jake Bauer

    Landscaping -Field Operations Supervisor

    Tammy Cain


    Jeff Michalski

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jay Kearney

    Excel - Project Manager

    Christian O’Rarden


    Lorena Luna


    Andy Denker

    Asphalt & Concrete - Division Manager

    Lauren Fry

    Business Development - Team Lead

    Andy Bauer

    Landscaping - Project Manager

    Craig Madonna

    Landscaping - Construction Manager

    Francis Ruesta

    Excel - Estimator/Senior Project Manager

    Renae Fetrow

    Landscaping - Pruning/PHC Scheduling & Routing Supervisor

    Drew Wallace

    Snow - Operations Manager

    Sal Garcia

    Snow - Operations Manager

    Josh Dare

    Marketing Intern

    Dan Ciolek

    Landscaping - Enhancements Manager

    Garrett Bonin

    Waterproofing - Project Manager/Estimator

    Mark Moore

    Business Development

    Joanna Szarkowski

    Senior Accountant

    Breea Dunn

    Asphalt & Concrete - Job Schedule Coordinator Asphalt & Concrete - Job Schedule

    Jay Emerson

    Landscaping - Account Manager

    Jose Carrera

    Sweeping - Division Manager

    Chad Bell

    Waterproofing Project Manager & Estimator

    Jeff Yrineo

    Landscaping - Pruning Division Manager

    Daniel Leuenberger

    Landscaping - Division Manager Landscaping - Division Manager

    Joey Hebeler

    Landscaping - Irrigation Assistant Manager

    Jesus Moreno

    Asphalt - Superintendent

    John Helm


    Daryl Sadler

    Waterproofing - Manager

    Chris Daly

    Landscaping - Crew Leader

    Dale Heims

    Capital Projects - Owner

    Matt Harmon

    Snow Removal - Owner

    Jordan Harmon

    Accounting - ControllerAccounting Manager - Controller

    Ana Gonzalez

    Senior AccountantAccounting Manager - Controller

    Sondra Lankston

    Business Development

    Tony Hahn

    Landscaping - Division Manager

    Jackie Meshefski

    Accounting Manager

    Natalie Clark

    Marketing Director

    Endy Mayorga

    Janitorial - Office Manager

    Jeff Parsons

    Capital Projects - Project Manager

    Niki Baron

    Marketing & Brand ManagementMarketing Director & Brand Management

    Conchita Pulido

    HR Generalist

    Martin Burns

    Capital Projects - Project Manager

    Ginny Campbell

    Business Development

    Jordan Yarmon

    Business Development

    Travis Dunn

    Chief Sales Officercsf-Chief Sales Officer

    Mike Rubino

    Plantscapes & Holiday - Design CoordinatorPlantscapes & Holiday - Design Cordinator

    Jim Morse

    Capital Projects - Project Manager

    Colin Taylor

    Asphalt & Concrete - Project Manager

    Mark Yaeger

    Capital Projects - Project Manager

    Tony Ortiz

    Snow Removal - Director of Operations

    Jim Carlson

    Capital Projects - Project Manager

    Ron Marchelletta

    Landscaping - Division Manager

    Stacey Brown

    Plantscapes - Manager

    Riley Baalhorn

    Plantscapes & Holiday - Manager

    Cristian Mendoza

    Landscaping - Field Manager Landscaping - ffield

    Scott McGarrity

    Landscaping - Account Manager

    Bill Bauer

    Asphalt - Superintendent

    Travis Power

    Asphalt - Managerffields

    Craig Behnke

    Asphalt & Concrete - Division President

    Chris Bervert

    Asphalt - EstimatorAsphalt - Estimator

    Jay Mandelstam

    Janitorial - President Commercial Cleaning

    Fernando “Freddie” Madrigal

    Janitorial - Account Manager

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