Concerns about the current pandemic have affected every area of life, and commercial building maintenance is no exception. People expect businesses and public spaces to be super-sanitized and safe, increasing the importance of outside maintenance. When individuals pull up to a commercial building, they check the appearance and make judgments about cleanliness, safety, and upkeep. This scrutiny will increase as winter approaches with snow, ice, and slippery conditions.

Keep Tenants, Employees, and Customers Safe

Those who visit your building during the winter season need clear spaces to park and exit their vehicles, hazard-free surfaces leading to the sidewalk, and walkways free of snow and ice. People are always in a hurry, and the desire to spend as little time as possible indoors with others has only increased the tendency to rush. Add in cold winds and snow, and you have people scurrying from parking lots to buildings and back again without taking time to watch for ice patches and adjust walking speeds.

Our team at DCPS is not just a snow removal company, we are also a snow management company that mitigates safety and hazard issues caused by inclement weather.

Save Time and Money by Hiring Professionals

Depending on the scope of your property, you may have parking areas, sidewalks, rest areas, and entrances to maintain during adverse weather conditions.

At a minimum, you will need:

  • Hand equipment, including snow shovels, and ice chippers
  • Motorized equipment, such as snowblowers or plows
  • Chemicals or salt to treat slippery spots

Whether you attempt the snow removal yourself or have your maintenance team address it, the cost of equipment and materials represents a considerable outlay. You need to provide reliable service, and winter weather often means increased absenteeism. Snow and ice removal also require expertise using the right tools in the correct way. Professional services can provide reliable and well-trained teams to complete your snow removal needs on time.

Send the Right Message

It is vital to demonstrate to those entering your building that you put safety first and care about protecting them. Ice-free parking lots and sidewalks emphasize your commitment.

If you would like to learn how Denver Commercial Property Services can keep your commercial property safe this winter, contact the snow removal experts by calling or emailing us today!

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