Protect Your Commercial Building’s Carpets

Dirt and grime are tracked into your building every day on the shoes of those who enter. When the floor of your business is carpeted, how you keep it clean makes a difference. Proper maintenance and care techniques can extend the longevity of your carpet. Here is what you need to know about your carpet cleaning options.

Hot Water Extraction

One of the most common methods that carpet cleaners utilize is the hot water extraction method. This method uses a powerful machine that can heat water. The machine injects water and a cleaning solution into the carpets. Then, the same machine can extract the solution and the water. This solution removes the dirt trapped deep in the carpet.

If you need deep cleaning on a more regular basis, then hot water extraction is going to be the preferred method. Dirt and grime can lead to wear and tear and will age your carpet prematurely. While this method has many benefits, be sure to keep in mind that hot water extraction may take longer to dry than other methods.


If you are in between hot water extraction treatments, encapsulation is an excellent interim solution. Encapsulation involves using a cleaning agent to encapsulate the dirt in your carpets. Once the dirt particles have been encapsulated, they separate from the carpet fibers making it easy to be picked up by a vacuum. Encapsulation is a low moisture method resulting in a very short dry time. This allows the cleaning crew to work quickly and efficiently, allowing you to return to business as usual in a timely manner.  If you want your carpet to have a longer life cycle and an improved appearance between hot water extraction, then encapsulation is the answer.

Contact the Professionals

Dirt is always going to find its way into your business. In fact, clients and staff can track up to 20 pounds of dirt in less than a month! This is why it is crucial that you have your carpets cleaned frequently. For carpet cleaning solutions, contact DCPS Commercial Cleaning by calling 303-804-9724 or emailing us today!