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    Transition of Denver Art Museum’s Cleaning Strategy

    Key Information

    Denver Art Museum

    Prestigious art museum campus


    100 W 14th Ave Pkwy,

    Denver, CO 80204

    Main Issues

    The Denver Art Museum was unhappy with their former cleaning service, they also have special circumstances that require extra care and expertise.



    The client was unhappy with the incumbent cleaning service. The Denver Art Museum’s environment is dynamic, with special events being an almost daily occurrence. The cleaning staff that services the museum requires specialized training and special clearance.


    In order to provide redundancy and the ability to handle large events ICS has assembled a pool of “on-call” trained and badged cleaners who work at our other buildings. We ensure that all staff has completed training that allows them to work around the priceless art and care for the specialty floor coverings that require high-end care.


    We began by assessing the current services provided by the incumbent cleaning service. We planned the necessary care for the office, gallery, and retail spaces that make up the museum grounds. ICS planned for special circumstances connected to the unique events held at the museum many days a week. Afterwards we appointed a team that consisted of a day and night supervisor, and a staff of 25 to carry out daily and special event cleaning. We took the required steps to badge and train all staff members. We are proud to report that there has been no employee turnover at the Denver Art Museum in over four years. The client is extremely happy with our services and has awarded us three contract extensions.


    "The Denver Art Museum (DAM) has been thrilled with the service and support it has received since signing on with DCPS. ...When we added DCPS to the Team it was like a night and day difference! The quality of workmanship and attention to detail has been incredible and a significant step up from what we’ve experienced in the past. If we identify a problem or a concern it is addressed immediately and then followed up on to make sure we are pleased with the result. Their customer service is top notch and always handled in a professional and personable way that lets you know they have your best interests in mind. ...They truly feel like an integrated part of our Facilities Team here at the DAM and not just a “contractor” providing a service. I have been impressed with the quality of leadership within the organization as well. ...When the COVID Pandemic hit earlier this year they were quick to reach out and see how they could help make the Art Museum safe. They make a point of understanding our mission and the role they play in supporting it. I have worked with several janitorial services throughout the course of my career and they are truly the best I’ve experienced to date..."

    Mark Baker, Director of Facilities

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