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10-year-old luxury apartment complex


Littleton, CO


Luxury apartment complex had significant surface failure on asphalt areas.


Due to heavy traffic, a 10-year-old luxury apartment complex had an asphalt parking lot and roadway with significant surface failure. During the evaluation of the property, the DCPS team noted numerous areas with large, deep cracks and other areas that displayed minimal damage.


The varying amount of damage in multiple areas resulted in DCPS recommending a 2-inch and 6-inch mill overlay, crack seal, and a seal coat to protect the parking lot from future damage. To restore the asphalt surfaces to the original condition, DCPS worked in conjunction with the client’s on-site and regional teams, ensuring minimal disruption and proactive communication to residents.

DCPS’s Asphalt and Concrete team completely removed and replaced the severely damaged areas. They also patched and repaired over 6000 sq. ft. of asphalt using hot asphalt mix and crackseal. When paving was completed the team seal coated over 200,000 sq. ft. with one heavy coat of sealer, designed to protect and beautify asphalt surfaces. The team completed the project by restriping over 515 parking stalls to support the over 300 apartment unit residents.

During the paving process, the client decided they wanted to make better use of a large, underutilized asphalt area in the roadway. They commissioned the DCPS Landscaping team to create a feature that contains beautiful new vegetation, a tree, landscape accessories, irrigation, and lighting to enhance the aesthetic and improve the visibility of the area at night.

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