Peakview By Horseshoe Lake

Fascia repair, soffit repair and gutter removal and replacement

Peakview By Horseshoe Lake

222-unit apartment complex


Loveland, CO


Fascia repair, soffit repair and gutter removal and replacement for a 222-unit apartment complex built in 2002.


Built in 2002 and nestled in a suburban neighborhood near downtown Loveland, CO, Peakview By Horseshoe Lake was showing signs of age with general wear and tear throughout the community – from chipped paint due to exposure to elements to fascia wrap missing and damaged soffits and gutters.


Whether it was a residential building, garage, or clubhouse, the DCPS team removed and replaced fascia wrap, gutters, downspouts, and soffit to safeguard the property from future damage.

Our team of roofing and construction experts conducted a thorough evaluation of the property and presented a detailed plan, including a schedule to guarantee minimal disruption to residents. The 45-day project included the removal of damaged fascia wrap on each building and installation of new wrap to create a seamless transition from old to new, the removal and replacement of the entire gutter system on the clubhouse, the installation of oversized gutters and downspouts to help mitigate ice damming, and removal and replacement of damaged sections of soffit to prevent animal and water intrusion and to avoid future damage. In some cases, the DCPS team was able to detach and resecure the existing soffit to prevent it from falling off during windstorms.

Additionally, the team performed minor repairs to crushed downspouts and gutter runs on a garage, ensuring proper pitch and all connections were sealed to prevent drainage issues.

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