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Epoxy flooring project

Local Zoo

Epoxy Flooring Project


Denver, CO


The installation of 4,000 square feet of interior epoxy flooring to provide easy maintenance and deliver an updated appearance.


A zoological garden located in City Park, a neighborhood in Denver, CO with an 84-acre campus housing over 3,000 wild animals was unhappy with the existing floor system in one of their buildings. The existing floor was both tile and sheet welded vinyl with a concrete substrate.


Due to the high level of visual appearance desired by the client, DCPS worked with an architectural design team to strategize and design a system that would visually fit the brand and provide a durable solution with easy maintenance.

DPCS began the two week-long process by removing the existing tile and sheet-welded vinyl floor down to the concrete substrate. Next, the team mechanically prepared the floor using a diamond grinder to achieve a CSP2-3 finish, optimal for a resinous flooring system. To achieve a proper bond, an application of epoxy primer was applied. Following the primer, a custom design was created by applying a base coat of epoxy and broadcasting custom color chip flakes to create the desired texture, color, and design, agreed upon with the architectural design team. The custom design required multiple colors and patterns to be incorporated along with two topcoats of clear polyaspartic to seal it and achieve the required finish.

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