When it comes to your commercial building, the exterior requires major upkeep. Like most business owners, you want to protect your investment. Therefore, you must be able to attract customers and tenants to the building. As you consider exterior maintenance, you need to think about your building’s surface coating and here’s why.

1. Protect Your Property Against the Elements

How safe is the exterior of your building against moisture, snow, or even the sun? Did you know that Colorado averages over 2,000 hours of sun every year? Without the right protective coating, the paint will deteriorate. Snow is also a problem for many Colorado buildings as well. With 55 to 57 inches of snow per year, moisture can collect and harm the exterior of the building.

2. Save Money on Life Cycle Expenses

Every year, you expect to put money into your business. Many of these costs will be for maintenance. If you forget about preventative or predictive maintenance, then you may wind up paying four to six times the original amount later. If you do not want to spend the money on maintenance now, you must make up for it. Preventative maintenance saves you money when it comes to your capital expenditures.

3. Reach Your Appearance Goals for Your Property

A major goal for any commercial building is to attract others. Whether you are a retail outlet in need of customers or a multifamily residence that requires tenants, your building needs to attract people. Curb appeal matters. Clients and tenants receive their first impression of your building from the exterior. If it does not have a clean, maintained appearance, you could lose potential guests.

What Happens if You Put It Off?

You might think that cutting a few corners when painting is fine if it saves you money. Unfortunately, if the job is not done properly the first time, you will end up paying way more in repairs. The same goes for coating your surfaces. If your surfaces are not coated properly, your building is exposed to excessive moisture and UV rays. Once exposed, these issues can lead to wood rot, cracking, mildew, and ultimately structural damages. Overall, putting off painting and coating the exterior surfaces decreases the value of your property.

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