How to Prepare Your Commercial Property for Unexpected Roof Damage

Roof replacement services can take two to three weeks, depending on the scale of the project. During that time, your commercial property may need to close. If it is not necessary for your business to close, any customers in the property could potentially be affected by the noise.

Both of these situations can impact the profits that your commercial building generates.

Protecting your commercial building from unexpected roof damage will prevent this. Read on to learn some helpful tips to avoid and address roof damage.

Track Roof Damages

Regularly inspecting your roofing system after weather events and even periodically throughout the year can teach you how to prevent future problems.

Your roof will likely experience similar damage each season. Identifying and documenting the issues from season to season can help set expectations for you to plan and budget for future needs.

Inspect for Roof Damage

Minor damage can lead to extensive damage if not taken care of properly. With routine roof inspections, you can prevent minor problems from evolving into large issues.

You can do a self-inspection by accessing your roof and reviewing the roof for cracks, penetrations, missing shingles or other damage but be sure to follow the proper roof safety guidelines if you do. The most accurate way to identify roof damage, is to hire experienced roofers.

There are many signs of roof storm damage and wear and tear that an untrained individual can miss. That is why it is highly recommended to have a qualified roofing expert assess your roof each season.

Predict Possible Roof Storm Damage 

There are many types of commercial roofing systems. To research your type of commercial roof, you can use resources such as and Focus on learning about its most common weaknesses to prevent future failures.

You might, for example, have rubber roofing. Damage caused by a hail storm, can produce penetrations in the membrane creating areas for leaks. You can mitigate this issue by adding a roof coating on top of the rubber as a layer of protection.

Prepare for a Damaged Roof 

Roofs cover your largest asset – your building and everything in it, and they sustain climate changes and harsh weather which in Colorado can be extreme year-round. Therefore, it is inevitable your roof will incur damage. If you don’t repair it, the damage will worsen and extend beyond the roofing system.

The worse the damage becomes the more risk your property will suffer.

Roof damage can be an unexpected expense unless properly planned for. Putting a portion of your profits aside for unforeseen repairs and building maintenance can save you time and money.

Let Us Help You

Regular inspections by a roofing professional who can identify repair needs before they become replacement needs is key to maximizing the life of your roof.

If you ever need help with repairing unexpected roof damage, contact us. We offer emergency and regular repair services on steep slope, low slope, asphalt shingle, synthetic slate, and other types of roofs. Our team of manufacturer certified roofers pride themselves on safe operations, satisfactory work, and using quality materials.

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