Top 5 Benefits of Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

There are 300,000 commercial pools in the United States. While having a swimming pool is a luxurious way to cool off in the summer, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Pool maintenance goes beyond the water.

Whether at a public pool, recreation center, or lodging facility, managers tend to overlook their pool deck because they think renovating it is too costly and cumbersome. However, concrete pool deck resurfacing is a less invasive renovation that provides many benefits for owners. Read on to learn the 5 benefits of concrete pool deck resurfacing.


1. Resurfacing Can Save You Money

While concrete pool deck resurfacing is cheaper than a complete renovation, it can still be a significant initial investment.

Replacing a concrete pool deck is not only an extensive project but very costly as well, whereas resurfacing the pool deck is much less intrusive and less expensive.

Concrete removal and replacement can cost up to $20 per square foot, compared to at least half that cost for the resurfacing process.

2. Extend the Life of Your Pool Deck

Resurfacing your concrete pool deck can increase its lifespan. Concrete is affected by many elements, such as weather and pool chemicals. Resurfacing and coating your concrete pool deck will ensure that it is better protected from the harsh pool water and elemental exposure.

Porous surfaces, like concrete need to be protected from water. These surfaces allow water to seep in, causing small cracks and eventually significant failures in the pool deck’s surface. With concrete resurfacing and coatings, this is less likely to occur as it protects your surface against the most damaging conditions and elements.

Adding coatings to your pool’s concrete deck will extend its life and keep your pool deck looking new years after it is coated.

A properly resurfaced concrete pool deck should last around 10 to 20 years.

3. Enhance the Appearance

Resurfacing can give your pool deck a new, modern look. Maintaining the aesthetics of your pool helps you compete with competitors and supports your request for higher rent.

Typically, when multifamily properties have a well-maintained swimming pool on their property, they can increase rent prices. On average this amenity can increase rent price by 8%. 

When the pool deck is modernized, it is more attractive to potential customers and creates a clean, cohesive look. This new look is more appealing to renters.

An enhanced pool deck allows your property to stay competitive and justify premium rent.

4. Create a Safer Environment

When pool decks get older, the surface breaks down due to traffic, exposure to inclement weather, and other factors.  This can result in a cracked or hazardous surface that is unsafe for residents, employees, and visitors.

Every year there are about 155,00 injuries that occur in or around swimming pools with many resulting from a slip or a fall.  To diminish these injuries, it is vital to conduct routine maintenance and resurfacing of concrete pool decks.

Texture and slip-resistant coatings can be added during the resurface process to help prevent accidents from occurring. These non-slip coatings create traction, limiting liability for injury in your pool area.

5. There is Minimal Upkeep

Like with all aspects of a building envelop, maintenance is an important part of pool deck care. An overlay product is used during the resurfacing process, adding strength and durability to your concrete pool deck.

The coatings used on pool decks will protect it from weather, cracking, fading, heaving, and concrete failure which can result in less future repairs.

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