Summer Landscaping Tips

Three Summer Landscaping Tips

Want your landscapes to stand out this summer? Here are three summer landscaping tips to make sure your landscapes stands out and out lasts the rest!

1. Focus on Maintenance

The easiest way to maintain the beauty and safety of your commercial landscape is by employing regular maintenance that is both consistent and timed for effectiveness. Pruning, watering, and fertilizing should be done at specific times so that they will be most effective. When plants and trees are allowed to grow without management they can become unruly, unsightly, and unsafe for your guests and tenants.

2. Reduce Water Usage

When it comes to summer watering, less is more, when timed correctly. We encourage you to water your plants with less frequency but with a more thorough approach. We recommend that your lawn receive one inch of water weekly. Additionally, this is best done during the hours of 5am-6am; this early watering time helps ensure your lawn isn’t competing with evaporation due to the hot sun.

3. Treat for Pests

We encourage pro-activity when dealing with pests over the summer as they commonly reach an all time high during this time of the year. Untreated, these critters can have a disastrous effect on your commercial landscape. Taking the steps to have a protective and preventive plan against pests such as Japanese beetle grub and aphids can make a large difference in the longevity of the landscape you are protecting. We recommend doing this in a way that is healthy for your environment, local pollinators, and your tenants. This will increase the life of the landscape while preserving the life that your landscape provides.

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