The Essential Landscaping Element That’s Often Overlooked

As we gear up for the spring and summer months ahead, the DCPS landscaping team readies for another season of landscape construction, also known as hardscaping.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is all the non-living elements of landscape design, practical element from driveways to sidewalks, retaining walls, and benches. It’s the essential structure that allows visitors to access, pass through, and enjoy the living elements of your landscape. Buildings and multifamily structures use hardscaping to transform unusable space into functional areas for guests to travel and recreate. Landscaping is divided into two primary categories: hardscaping and softscaping (all organic and living elements in your landscape) DCPS Landscaping is your source for managing both. Our landscaping team has the capability to install and repair landscape walkways, fencing, patios, retaining walls, stonework, decks, water features, and more. Our landscape construction team will support you in developing a new design or complementing an existing design, and help you prioritize designs that are safe, accessible, climate-appropriate, and cost conscious. If you believe your property could benefit from hardscape redesign, contact DCPS Landscaping to design a holistic plan for your outdoor environment. To learn more about our Landscaping services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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