Expanding the Horizons on Plantscapes in Commercial Spaces


Transform your workplace using living and true-to-life botanicals
We specialize in seasonal variety, holiday decor, and botanical art forms


Professional plant selection based on your space, maintained by our experienced and passionate staff. Custom tailored to fit your environment and budget.


Elevate your workspace with living ecosystems, sculptural elements, and true-to-life botanicals. Pieces range from desktop accents to free standing installations that will suit any budget or space.


Stunning holiday decorations that transform your facility. Thoughtfully crafted by talented designers who use top of the line materials, innovative design, and professional installation.

Your Work Environment Says
a Lot About Your Company

Expert plantscapes will communicate to your clients and employees the thriving
health of your workspace. Set the tone with our premier plantscapes, botanical art forms, and holiday decor - supported by over 30 years of service and industry-leading quality.

Your work environment says a lot about your company. Thoughtful plantscapes not only evoke an image of your brand with clients and prospects, but helps determine the “feel” and health of the environment. Office plants placed appropriately and cared for by our talented and bright techs will elevate the space in which your employees work—which of course, affects attitude and performance.

Botanical Art Forms are plants and planters blended or displayed with additional elements. We explore all types of media to create miniature ecosystems or artistic renditions. Our concepts explore beyond the typical arrangement with a thoughtful design. By using sculptural elements and mixed mediums we can creatively introduce seasonal elements to bring a striking visual to any lobby or professional space.

Our seasonal rotations exist in bloomers, botanical art forms, and wall systems. Through these outlets, we are able to craft unique moss wall art that has something to say for every season. Moss art is on-trend, easy to install, and a great way to add a lively impact to any space acting as wall art or a bold graphic. We offer seasonal changes through moss panels for an installation that will stimulate any space.

Our design professionals blend innovative design and quality with affordable pricing to transform your space into a holiday wonderland. From building interiors, exteriors and everything in between, we are recognized as the premier source for awe-inspiring holiday designs

Custom Builds For Your Space

We can create one of a kind installations built to your specifications and needs. Wow your tenants with custom year-round or seasonal decor.

Spotlight Issue:
December 2020

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December 2020


Our plantscapes department offers a 100% replacement guarantee so you can feel secure knowing you will always have the perfect look for your live environment


  • ● Rotational Plants
  • ● Interior Landscape
  • ● Lobby Plants
  • ● Office Plants
  • ● Wall Systems
  • ● Floor Arrangements
  • ● Table Accessories
  • ● Desk Accents
  • ● Holiday Decor
  • ● Commercial Exteriors
  • ● Christmas Decorations
  • ● Plantscapes
  • ● Office Holiday Decor
  • ● Seasonal Decor



Set up an appointment with our plantscape or holiday experts – we’ll meet you for a walk through to get to know your space and your needs


Choose from a selection of custom renderings. See images of botanicals and decor in your space and feel confident knowing what your space will look like with our professional designs


Set a convenient time for our experienced staff to install your botanical arrangements, botanical art forms, and holiday decor