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  • We’ll Help Your Building Look its Best, Inside and Out

    We design with an emphasis on connecting people to nature—increasing workplace performance and well-being.

    We take care of everything, from designing your interiorscape, to fertilizing, and pest control.

    We understand the varying requirements for lighting, temperature and traffic patterns that affect plants.

    We’ll work within your budget to make a powerful, colorful statement in—or outside—your office.

    We help choose the right plants for your environment to make a powerful statement.

    Interior Foliage

    Your work environment says a lot about your company. It not only evokes an image of your brand with clients and prospects, but it also helps determine the “feel” and health of the environment in which your employees work—which of course, affects attitude and performance.

    Exterior Foliage


    Low Maintenance artificial arrangements, accessories, and decor elements that enhance the work experience and can be changed out seasonally.

    With an innovative approach, our designs improve your work environment so they feel fresh and stimulating throughout the year.


    Our design professionals blend innovative design and quality with affordable pricing to transform your space into a holiday wonderland. From building interiors, exteriors and everything in between, we are recognized as the premier source for awe-inspiring holiday designs.