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Improving Resident Satisfaction Through Routine Maintenance

As a manager of a multifamily property, there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders; from collecting rent to facilitating repairs, there’s a lot you’re multi-tasking on a daily basis. Whether you manage large-scale apartment buildings or single-family homes, property maintenance is vital in keeping your property value up and keeping your residents safe and satisfied.

Set Up a Property Maintenance Plan

Maintaining a successful multi-family property is paramount. However, it can be challenging to keep up with all the maintenance around the property. Having a maintenance plan in place can help alleviate some of that stress and keep you more organized. When you don’t have a plan, the upkeep can be easily overlooked, resulting in costly maintenance and even danger. It can also help prevent potential hazards like deteriorating building material injuries or fires from poor electrical wiring. No property manager wants to be liable and face insurance premiums, court, bad press, or negative reviews. To avoid serious problems, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance and take preventative measures.

Additionally, having a sound maintenance system in place can be a competitive differentiator for attracting and retaining residents. A recent survey found that renters who were unsatisfied with their property management company reported issues around response and resolution time for maintenance requests as the most common reason. 52.7% of renters said they would move out or not rent in the first place if they were dissatisfied with their property management company according to a survey conducted by AppFolio.

Providing Superior Property Maintenance Service

Giving your residents the benefits of outstanding service will also provide you with added benefits. Here are a few tips on giving the best service to your tenants.

Respond to Requests Promptly

Staying on top of your resident requests will help keep them satisfied. You need a system to make sure that you are providing a convenient way to communicate an issue. Residents also need assurance that somebody is getting the message and addressing their repair. It would help if you looked into a maintenance system that allows residents to self-serve and submit their requests and even track their status online to make it easier for your team to respond promptly.

Routine Preventative Maintenance

A regular preventative maintenance plan will not only add needed organization but also save you money that otherwise would be spent on last-minute, urgent repairs.  When you create a schedule with specific tasks to perform on a monthly, seasonal, and yearly basis, it will help prolong the life of your property and avoid those costly repairs.

Use A Single Source

Instead of reaching out to multiple vendors to assist you with your property maintenance needs, consider a company that can cover all the bases for you. It will help you make your job ten times easier by:

  • Reducing on-site meetings
  • Giving you a single contract for all your services
  • Providing a comprehensive view of your property from the inside out making sure nothing is neglected or overlooked
  • Offering volume discounts for multiple services and buildings

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