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Parking Lot Services

Our Parking Lot Services division provides environmentally friendly parking lot, commercial and industrial sweeping services for all your paved surfaces. Our clients include shopping centers, municipal facilities, office complexes and industrial parks. Read More about our parking lot services below.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Construction sweeping is one of the most demanding types of sweeping. Our high-powered, mechanical broom sweepers with twin gutter brooms and heavy duty main broom systems are designed to handle almost any kind of debris, including residential, commercial and road construction and municipal sweeping. We keep your site clean, the dust down and the inspectors happy and our operators work seamlessly with your site foreman around each of your project phases.

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Day Portering

Ongoing upkeep of your properties’ exterior areas enhances its appearance and keeps customers returning. Our day porter operations are designed to provide exterior cleaning services to commercial, industrial and retail properties on a regular service basis. After reviewing your particular requirements, we can design a regular maintenance program to help maintain your property.

We are in constant contact with our day porter crews, so special requests or emergency clean-up situations can almost always be handled on a real-time basis. Our crews are also instructed to report back to our office any unusual situations or repair requirements that may affect your property – thus helping alleviate potential liability issues.

Power Washing

Our steam cleaning and high pressure washing operations delivery industry leading results over a broad array of surfaces and structure compositions. Concrete sidewalks (natural, stained, stamped or composite), concrete or tile floors, trash enclosures, fountain areas, building facades, composite and metal roof lines, awnings and canopies, exterior signage, architectural statuary and many other surfaces all benefit from our specialized approach to surface cleaning.

Parking Lot Striping and Painting

We install, stripe, repair and replace parking lots and drives to enhance your facility’s image. We also provide parking lot painting services also include special lettering and marking, plus installation of recycled rubber and concrete speed bumps or car stops

Snow Removal

Unpredictable snowstorms are a reality of living in Eastern Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you have to be at their mercy. We’re one of the largest providers of snow removal services in Denver and during large storms, our 100+ snow plowing and snow removal professionals are dedicated to ensure your properties are clear and safe. Between storms, our crews visit your properties regularly to detect and address thaw/refreeze situations in order to reduce the likelihood of potential accidents. All employees are incentive based on efficiency, safety and reliability in order to minimize your expense and maximize your satisfaction.