Whether you have a private asphalt driveway to your business, a busy asphalt parking lot – or both – you need to have a maintenance plan. By staying ahead of maintenance tasks, you save money on repairs, while also delaying the need for new pavement. This is especially important in across Colorado where freeze-and-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on asphalt.

How To Extend Asphalt Life

Not all maintenance and prevention techniques involve directly working with the asphalt. There are many different tasks to consider if you want to get the most out of your asphalt. The following are just a few you should keep in mind.

  • Address Drainage Problems: Water can cause a lot of damage to your commercial asphalt, whether it runs quickly over the area or pools. Either of these water problems can lead to cracks, ripples, and potholes.
  • Consider Load: The heavier the vehicles are that drive on your asphalt, the more pressure they put on the surface. Consider providing a designated area for these vehicles to restrict the area you might need to put more work into.
  • Inspect the Asphalt: Regular inspections can help you determine if there are any problems. If you notice cracks, fill them quickly. Applying sealcoat to your asphalt can also offer years of protection.

How To Budget for Maintenance and Repairs

Making a plan of what to do is easy enough, but deciding how much to pay and how to cover those costs may be a little more difficult. Here are the basics you should cover:

  • Prioritize preventative maintenance to reduce the need for big repairs.
  • Consider phasing repairs over a one-year or two-year window to minimize disruptions and spread out costs.
  • Budget for big repairs or restorations every 10 or so years for areas that get a lot of traffic, especially from larger vehicles.

It is never too late to begin a maintenance schedule on your paved surfaces. Enlist professionals to help you decide what your maintenance tasks should be. The team at Denver Commercial Property Services is ready and willing to help.


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