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Interior Concrete Floor Repair: Knowing When to Call a Professional

Maintaining your concrete surface is essential for its long-term functionality.  Over time, commercial concrete surfaces endure exposure to heavy use, resulting in premature cracking, joint deterioration, surface stains and discoloration.

Hiring a professional concrete repair company for inspection and repair, delivers multiple benefits to property owners. However, identifying issues with your concrete surfaces is a critical first step, as it allows you to understand when it is necessary to repair any cracks, holes, or scaling before they become a bigger problem. Annual inspections of your concrete interior floors will help reduce the life cycle costs of your investment. In this article, we’ll explain how to know it’s time to call a professional for help.

When to Hire a Professional Concrete Repair Service

Many commercial concrete repairs require the expertise and tools to assess and fix structural or surface damages before they become more extensive. These signs should tell you it’s time to get a professional concrete repair service to inspect and repair your surfaces.

Extensive Cracking/Joint Deterioration         

Cracks in concrete floors are common, but their severity can vary significantly. Deep cracks (typically wider than 1/4 inch), joint deterioration, curling, or widespread flaking are clear signs to get a professional concrete contractor to inspect your concrete surfaces. These signs can indicate settlement of sub-slab support, shrinkage/curling, stress, or poor design for the current application. A professional concrete repair team with expertise and tools will assess the damage and provide you with solutions for repairs to protect your surface from future issues before they become more costly.

Structural Issues/ Uneven or Sunken Floors

Structural concrete issues such as noticeable sinking or settling floors often indicate problems with the underlying sub-grade or improper design based on the current application.  Many of these structural issues require professional expertise, and equipment to repair the damaged floor.

Significant unevenness or sinking across the floor may expose everyone near within the compromised structure to a dangerous situation and are costlier to repair.

Water Damage

Concrete is porous, which means it can absorb moisture over time. Excessive moisture in your concrete floor can weaken the concrete surface and result in long-term performance issues.  Clear signs of water intrusion are spalling, discoloration, and efflorescence of concrete surfaces. If you suspect or have evidence of water intrusion, it’s vital to consult a professional. A commercial concrete repair company can help investigate the extent of the water damage, identify the source of water intrusion, and implement the most effective waterproofing and repair solutions to stop water invasion and prevent further damage.

Chemical Damage

Concrete surfaces are often exposed to harsh chemicals. Floors exposed to chemical damage may develop surface deterioration that can compromise the concrete’s structural integrity if left unrepaired. Get a professional concrete floor expert familiar with chemical damage on concrete floors to inspect the damage and recommend the most suitable and sustainable repair methods.

Embrace Professional Concrete Repair Expertise for Exceptional Results

Understanding the scope and nature of your interior concrete surface damage is crucial in determining when to hire a professional concrete repair expert. Getting professional expertise for complex or extensive issues is always the safest and most effective way of ensuring a long-lasting and structurally sound repair. If you’re still unsure if your interior concrete floors are in need of professional services, reach out to Denver Commercial Property Services to schedule a free evaluation appointment.