Revitalize Mulch and Dethatch

Mulch is great at protecting landscapes during the high heat of summer and cold chills of winter. Before the temperature plummets, we recommend revitalizing and extending the life of your mulch by turning it over. Use this opportunity to add more mulch as needed to protect your commercial landscape. 

Another important task to complete at this time is the detaching of your lawn and landscape. Remove all dead roots, grass, stems and branches that may have accumulated on your property during the summer months. Removing this debris will make your property safer and tidy your landscape in preparation for the winter months.

Protect your Shrubs and Trees

We advise that you wrap those shrubs and trees that need protection from low temperatures. This task must be done carefully to care for the plants and in time before the first frost of the season. This will prevent damage due to cold temperatures or harm caused by snow removal chemicals that may be used nearby. 

We also recommend that property managers organize winter watering. Trees are hugely valuable to your property, make sure they are cared for over the winter months with professional winter watering. This is also a fantastic time to plan for trimming and pruning that is best done during the winter months. 

Plant for Fall & Spring

The end of the growing season approaches quickly, use it as an opportunity to plant fall annuals such as chrysanthemum. This will add interest to your landscape as we transition into a new season. This will also be a great opportunity to plant bulbs for spring, new shrubs, and trees. 

Prepare for the Holidays

While you are working on clearing the debris and planting new bulbs this would be an ideal time to schedule and plan for the installation of your holiday decor. Installing lights and decorations will be easiest before the harsh weather begins, and while installation schedules are still open. When the holidays arrive the only task you’ll have is the flip of a switch. 

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