Winter weather forces us to spend a lot more time indoors, making it the perfect time to focus on interior solutions, repairs, and maintenance for your commercial property. Not only do we service all your interior specialty coatings needs, Denver Commercial Property Services, also offers exterior caulking, joint sealing, and waterproofing all winter long. Keep your property performing at its best with proper maintenance this winter.

Interior Floor and Exterior Traffic Coatings

Your warehouse floor, showroom, or lobby is prone to excessive wear in the winter. People track in moisture, deicers, and other abrasive substances and contaminates damaging your existing floor coatings. Proper maintenance and an occasional recoat on your floor finishes can protect them from the elements while giving them a fresh look thus improving aesthetic appeal.

As far as protecting and waterproofing your parking garage and other exterior elevated surfaces, it is essential that you select the proper finish for your property conditions. The type of coating you choose makes all the difference in proper performance. Some coatings are slippery and become a liability, especially in wet, icy winter weather. You also want a coating that will last, and unfortunately, many coatings are susceptible to plow damage and will be completely torn up by spring. At DCPS, we offer durable, non-skid coatings that are much more resistant to plow damage.

Joint Sealants Are Your First Line of Defense

Joint sealants are designed for waterproofing and sealing gaps in concrete and other common substrates. They protect your building against water ingress and vapor transmission that can cause costly damage and mold growth. Joint sealants are also a form of insulation, making it a crucial part of keeping your building sustainable and energy-efficient. If you haven’t had your exterior sealants maintained recently, it’s not too late. At DCPS we can apply exterior caulking all winter long, even in temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

Fountains and Water Features

Does your property have interior or exterior fountains and water features? If so, are they properly waterproofed? It can be very difficult to find a service provider that knows and understands suitable solutions for waterproofing of water features. We can offer waterproofing services to both interior and exterior fountains and water features to keep them protected in any season.

At Denver Commercial Property Services, we provide waterproofing, specialty coatings, sealants, and other maintenance solutions all year-round. Call 720-575-2356 today for more information.

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