How to Create a Recycle or Compost Program for Your Business

For eco-conscious businesses, green janitorial services are an integral piece. To develop a waste management plan is ecologically and socially responsible. In addition, it can help reduce expenses. In order to create a successful waste reduction plan, you need to document your current waste, audit your waste production, develop a plan, and implement a new recycling program.

Create a Plan

First, you need to audit your waste management. Figure out how much you spend on waste management and the type of trash that you throw out regularly. Your action plan has to come next. Once you audit your waste, you need to figure out how you can reduce your waste and expenses. Here is how to create a plan:

  • Decide purchasing strategies
  • Alter how trash is handled
  • Encourage others to make changes
  • Incentivize participation in the new plan

Change Your Perception

It’s easy to think all garbage you find is trash. However, this may not always be the case. Looking at your waste differently is a great first step towards an eco-friendly environment. Try thinking outside the box. Could you compost some of your food waste? Or possibly donate old desks or furniture to a local?

Create New Policies

If you’re ready to implement a new plan, make sure your employees understand the new policies and why they are important. You should encourage your staff to align themselves with your new green plan. For instance, ask your staff to use reusable containers. You should also ensure that you keep recycling bins in convenient locations so that everyone can use them. When you create the policies, send an email to let everyone know of the new standards.

Creating a recycling program can reduce your expenses and help you remain more ecologically aware.

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