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How to Avoid a Slip and Fall Loss

Make Snow Removal a Priority 

As soon as someone sets foot on your property, they are trusting you with their safety. This is why, as a property manager, you must do everything in your power to make your property as safe as possible. In Colorado especially, snow is a major cause of safety-related issues on commercial properties. Making a careful and calculated decision when choosing a snow removal contractor can help you avoid liabilities such as slip and falls.

Choosing a Snow and Ice Contractor

When choosing a snow and ice contractor, keep in mind that their role goes beyond just removing snow. These contractors work to mitigate risk as best they can. Unfortunately, with snow and ice comes the potential for slip and falls. Choose a contractor that will take every necessary step to keep your patrons safe from injury, while also keeping you safe from lawsuits.

At DCPS, we conduct quality control audits during a snowfall, and several days after each snowfall. Our management team diligently looks for hazards, confirms correct snow pile placement, and photographs the property for documentation purposes. Our proactive approach to quality control significantly reduces your exposure to liability on your property.

Get Ahead of The Snow

Like most things, preparation is key when it comes to risk management. Using ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) training as well as industry-standard snow practices, DCPS puts together a comprehensive snow action plan tailored to each site’s needs. By creating an action plan, you can rest assured that when that first snowflake falls, your property is covered.

Selecting a snow and ice contractor that has a strong emphasis on documentation, continuing education for their management team, and a very detailed quality control/safety inspection process is a must.  It’s very important to ask a contractor you are considering using what their plan will be to mitigate risk for your specific property.  Without a well-thought-out plan and documented hazard inspections to mitigate risk, your property and budget can suffer major consequences if faced with a personal injury claim for both property owner and contractor.

With current temperatures in the 90’s, snow is probably the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to plan out your snow removal contract. Give yourself time to find the right contractor and create a maintenance plan that will keep your property as safe as possible.

To learn more about our snow and ice services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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