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Foliage Design Systems

Our Foliage Design & Installation Maintenance division was founded in 1991 is a full-service provider of customized foliage design, installation and maintenance for both interior and exterior plants. In addition, we offer custom design, installation, removal and storage of holiday décor in order to eliminate hassle for our clients around the holidays.

Our clients include Fortune 500 clients such as Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada as well as many local businesses such as medical facilities, banks, office building lobbies, law firms, universities, and restaurants.

We acquired the 33 year-old business in November 2012 as part of our overall strategy of expanding our suite of services to our growing customer base. We operate as an independent franchisee of Foliage Design Systems, which provides us access to cutting edge design ideas and broad and deep relationships with tropical plant growers. We purchase fresh foliage by the truckload and pass the savings along to you.

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Office Plants

Your work environment says a lot about your company. It not only evokes an image of your brand with clients and prospects, but it also helps determine the “feel” and health of the environment in which your employees work—which of course, affects attitude and performance. Interior Plantscapes can create the perfect arrangement of living plants that will complement and elevate your company’s image—both inside and out. Living plants can give your business “a breath of fresh air.”

Our full-service service offering includes the design, installation and regular maintenance of your plants, including watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing and disease/pest control. Each member of our Horticultural Team is fully trained, uniformed and courteous.


  • Design – Selecting the right plant for your environment is essential for the long-term success and beauty of your interior and exterior plants. Our substantial experience allows us to understand the varying requirements for lighting, temperature, and traffic patterns that affect plants. With a vast array of acclimatized plants and stunning containers, our professionals will match our creative ideas with your budget to make a powerful statement and bring color and vitality to any office.

  • Maintenance – We offer professional interior plant maintenance services to assure that your plants look their best, even years after installation. Whether you choose to lease or purchase your plants and containers, we will customize a guaranteed maintenance program designed to meet your needs. Our uniformed plant technicians will visit your space regularly to provide total plant care: watering, feeding, dusting, trimming, insect control and replacement. With our 100% replacement guarantee, you can feel secure knowing you will always have the perfect look for your environment.

Exterior Plants

Seasonal flower displays provide eye-catching ‘curb appeal’ and the ‘wow factor’ that every property desires. From season to season, our Foliage Design Services division can create seasonal displays that include planting bed flower masses, indoor and outdoor urns, hanging baskets, and much more. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are an opportunity to enhance the color on your property, and breathe life into your existing or new landscape. Our services continue beyond the planting stage as we can integrate pruning and fertilization, and promote flower blooms and longevity.

Holiday Decor


  • Design – Our design professionals blend innovative design and quality with affordable pricing to transform your space into a holiday wonderland. From building interiors and exteriors to everything in between, we are recognized as the premier source for awe-inspiring holiday designs.
  • Installation – Our commercial holiday installations are quick, clean, and quiet and we are available to work day and night to minimize disruption to your business.
  • Removal and Storage – after the holiday season is over and remove all lighting and decorations. We safely and carefully pack all products to ensure extended life and prevent accidental damage.

Commercial Christmas Trees are a great way to add excitement to the interior or exterior of your buildings. Our trees feature realistic looking garland for a fresh out of the forest look and bring a sense of joy while becoming the centerpiece to your decoration program.

Building Front Wreaths & Commercial Garlands – Our large, industry exclusive selection of wreaths & garlands are designed to bring a distinctive seasonal spirit to your property. Our wreaths and garlands are known for their quality and realistic foliage, and are offered with unlit and pre-lit options in an array of styles, sizes, ornamentation, and lighting preferences (including LED’s).

LED Commercial Christmas Lights – Our commercial LED Christmas Lights are incredibly energy efficient (85% savings) and last 20 times as long as incandescent lights. Classic white, as well as unique, brilliant colors turn your trees and rooflines into distinctive and memorable venues. Light Pole Decorations turn the light poles in your shopping center, or business venue into the focal points of the holiday season. Whether on foot, or in the car, these pole decorations with a variety of styles and options to choose from, are the perfect way to turn your property into a festive environment for patrons, visitors, and employees during the holidays.