Extra Moisture Promises Beautiful Blossoms and Worrisome Weeds

Most of Colorado experienced abundant precipitation in March, and high moisture levels in our soil should promote gorgeous blooms on flowering trees and shrubs. Only a late frost before or during blossoming time could spoil the anticipated show. The downside is the unusually high levels of weeds germinating in all that moist earth. Fortunately, at Denver Commercial Property Services, we are gearing up to meet your business and commercial landscaping needs as springtime unfolds.

Halt Early Weeds and Pests

More weeds may appear on your property than you’ve seen in years. Prickly lettuce and cheatgrass are winter weeds currently flourishing, so spread pre-emergent herbicides on turfgrass and ornamental borders now.

Focus on insecticide applications for Ips Engraver Beetles in early April. Keep pine and spruce trees strong and healthy to help with control.

Undertake Needed Pruning

Expect your trees and shrubs to exhibit rapid growth and require early pruning to reduce leverage. Our plant specialists at DCPS can also assist with bacterial fire blight problems.

Watch Degree Days for Effective Broadleaf Control

Perennial dandelions and other broadleaf weeds require adequate degree days for weed control success. Depending on spring weather, the optimal application time is typically late April or even early May.

Aerate The Lawn

Power-raking or de-thatching is never recommended. However, Core aeration is, perhaps, the best cultural practice anyone can do for the health of a lawn. Benefits include relieving compaction, increased oxygen to the roots, and better soil percolation. Cores should be left on the lawn. Aeration also helps reduce the incidence of diseases like Necrotic Ring Spot and Summer Patch. At least one aeration per year is recommended. However, if you want the best results, schedule aeration for both spring and fall.

Time Ash-Lilac Borer Applications Correctly

Pheromone traps provide the best indicator of when to begin ash-lilac borer treatments. When adults appear in the traps, usually after the middle of April, it’s time to commence spraying.

Delay Lawn Seeding and Crabgrass Control

Since soil temperatures determine grass seed germination, the best time for seeding your commercial landscape is late June. Because pre-emergent herbicide use is vital this year, later seeding provides more success. Likewise, wait for soil warmth of 60 degrees for crabgrass control since this annual weed doesn’t germinate before that.

Protect Pollinators 

Refrain from applying insecticides when any plant is in bloom. Active bees may carry the toxic substances back to hives and endanger the health of the colonies.

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