One of the most common painting mistakes is using the wrong amount of paint for your project. Using too much paint might seem like a safe option, but in reality it can lead to the paint dripping in different directions than you intended. Losing control of your intended area to paint will be hurtful to your project and might lead to further revisions down the line.

On the other hand, using too little paint can cause unwanted results as well. This probably means you’ll have to go over the area with multiple layers. Additional layers to a painted area will change the overall results of the paint job, whether in texture or drying time.

It can be difficult to ensure you’re using the correct amount of paint, but here’s some ways to quickly check after one stroke of your paint roller! Is the area you’ve rolled over fully covered in paint and filling the area that you passed completely? If not, you need a little more paint on your roller for the next brush! Does the paint roller have large amounts of paint that have not been absorbed by the roller on the outside? You’re probably using too much! See if you can get some off and find a better balance for the next brush!

As you can see there are many considerations to make while painting the interior of your building. Our advice is to bypass the stress and hire a professional! Expert painters like the ones at DCPS Paint & Construction are highly skilled and well practiced, you can trust them to get the job done right the first time.

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