Cleaning Provider Offers Cost Savings Technology to Facility Managers

Rising costs are having a significant impact on every aspect of building maintenance. Facility managers are being tasked with finding unique methods to reduce costs and do more with less. Since the pandemic, the value of healthy and sanitary environments for building occupants has grown in importance.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your commercial cleaning services. The introduction of new technologies to the commercial cleaning industry is driving efficiency, consistency, and reduced labor costs.

Advanced and cost-conscious commercial cleaning providers are now using a host of new technologies to better maintain facilities, including automated machines and intelligent cleaning equipment. These new tools not only clean better, but they also deliver data to improve performance and produce more consistent cleaning results.

These technologies are intended to accompany a well-trained employee. They can take on repetitive tasks and allow human crews to focus on details and value-added work. They also increase productivity by delivering a real-time visual of service progress.

This technology also includes biometric time clocks, which use a combination of facial recognition and GPS location to hold cleaners accountable. Additionally, smartphone mobile apps can control the flow of work orders and provide detailed instructions on how to clean all service areas. The apps also provide a photo verification of all work completed and a customer portal to enter new requests and check the real-time status of previously entered requests. All of these tools provide facility managers with a clear view of the work being performed and receive instantaneous status updates.

Aside from the digital technologies that put real-time information at the customer’s fingertips, improvements in cleaning machinery, such as autonomous vacuum sweepers and scrubbers, also support a more efficient and consistent cleaning service. These automatic machines enable constant, high-quality cleaning of carpets and hard floors and provide real-time stats on cleaning productivity. The performance metrics of these robotics can even provide significant labor savings in addition to more consistent service delivery.

These new tools are helping to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world to bring performance management and task analytics to commercial cleaning services.

If your commercial cleaning provider is not keeping up with the latest cost savings methods, it may be time to evaluate your supplier.

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

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