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  • U Lucky Dog

    Waterproofing services at a doggy day care

    Key Information

    U Lucky Dog

    Doggy Day Care


    4125 Elati St,

    Denver, CO 80216


    We were hired to install a flooring solution that would offer a safe environment for both dogs and humans mimicking the color of grass.



    U Lucky Dog's flooring wasn’t up to the standards they needed for their business. The floor needed to be non-skid, cleanable, and have a color to resemble grass for the dogs while being a safe environment for both humans and dogs within the desired budget.


    The DCPS team was able to accomplish all requests for the job. Budget constraints would not allow for a full double broadcast or quartz system so varying mock-ups were provided and the right solution ended up being the Westcoat Thin Film System with a sand broadcast into the primer. This film system is an epoxy floor coating that would be long-lasting and resistant to chemicals. It works well as a decorative and durable option for the purposes that U Lucky Dog was looking for.


    First, the concrete was patched and primed so it would be ready for the epoxy primer. Next, an EC-12 epoxy primer was used along with an additional 90 grit silica sand to be mixed in. This composition was followed by the application of two layers of EC-95 Polyurethane Topcoat. All of this was finished to match the green color that U Lucky Dog had requested to complete the project providing a safe environment for both humans and the animals.

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