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  • Hogan and Lovells

    Creating an impactful living-plant installation

    Key Information

    Hogan and Lovells

    High-end commercial office space in downtown Denver


    1601 Wewatta St,

    Denver CO

    Main Issues

    A sleek and high-end designed office building was missing a sense of vitality and warmth.



    Create an installation that suited the physical constraints, the property's desires, and the environmental requirements of living plants.


    We installed an arrangement that could flourish within the building's constraints focusing on suitability to climate, planting areas, and the light levels of this building.


    In need of vitality and that special something we we selected purple orchids for the upstairs lobby space. We added in planters on bare coffee tables to take advantage of unused space. The flowers add a touch of fun to an extremely high-end interior design. Their lively color enhances the space around them. In order to ensure top quality and beauty we keep our orchids on a strict 8 week rotation. We implemented this and other ongoing maintenance schedules to care for the plants that adorn this space.

    The under-staircase area presented a unique challenge. We knew that it was crucial to select plants that would be suitable to the climate and light levels. No less important was our aim to create an artful arrangement with our chosen plants. We chose a mixture of fine, grass-like leaf textures consisting of liriope grass, marginata, and sansevieria plants to fill the under-staircase area because while they are dynamic and beautiful they are also hearty and resilient, which was important for a challenging location such as this.

    All together we crafted a space that is bright, inviting, and invigorating. The lobby environment of the Hogan Lovells building now has cleaner oxygen, more visual interest, and offers a more grounded experience for their employees and visitors.

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