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    Waterproofing an 8 story parking garage

    Key Information

    Colorado PERA

    8 Story Parking Garage


    1301 Pennsylvania N Street,

    Denver, Colorado 80203

    Main Issues

    Water Intrusion and Concrete Damage



    The parking garage had an extremely outdated system that had failed over the years allowing substantial water intrusion causing critical damage to the structure. It was time for a full remediation process to solve their water intrusion issues.


    After careful assessment with product compatibility and adhesion testing, we executed on a proven assembly to remedy the structure. The result was a leak-free, durable finish that will last for many years to come.


    We started by preparing the existing substrate to an approved condition for re-coating. Next, we prepared, primed, and detailed all the critical details with the proper sealant and crack bridging, waterproof base coat to stop the potential for water intrusion. Afterwards, we applied 2 heavy-duty, high traffic bearing, and low modulus broadcast coats for optimal wear resistance. Finally, a clear seal and lock coat were applied for additional durability and clean-ability while still leaving sufficient profile for a non-skid finish.


    "My experience with DCPS across the landscaping, snow removal and waterproofing divisions has been exceptional over the years. The recent waterproofing job they performed on our 8 story parking garage was top-notch. I am extremely happy with the result and look forward to seeing how the recommended scope of work helps to solve our problems over time!"

    - Jack Dillman, Director of Facilities

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