999 17th Street

Modern holiday decorations to make a unique experience for everyone.

Key Information

Design Theme

Modern and geometrically interesting.


999 17th Street

Denver, CO 80202


We were hired to install holiday decorations that were both modern and unique to this location.


Design Opportunities

The team wanted the decorations to match the color scheme of the area while still being modern in design. This had to be accomplished within the budget and timeframe set for the project as well. The location's contemporary design would allow for nuances to be added into the traditional holiday decorations to better match the atmosphere.

Installed Solutions

Our holiday team utilized the color scheme of the location to help create the design for a modern decoration. This allowed for the holiday decor to fit uniquely to this location while still bringing the familiar holiday magic, and it still left room for modern decorative choices to be implemented.


In order to implement the design with the location, a lot of the decoration was chosen to match the feel of the room they were put in. This mixed with a modern flare is what inspired the team's decorations. One example of a modern change that DCPS used was using accents through geometric elements, copper tree collars, and unique table top accessories. Another inclusion was an interactive finish on the vessels at the location. Once the added tinsel wreaths and realistic pines were chosen, the team executed the agreed upon plans for decoration and installed them in time for the holidays. Then, when the season was over, they returned to take down the holiday supplies and leave the place as clean as they found it.

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