6360 S Fiddler's Green Circle

A beautiful location with large spaces for decoration.

Key Information

Design Theme

Bright and comprehensive moments of holiday spirit.


6360 S Fiddler’s Green Circle

Englewood, CO 80111


DCPS was asked to help decorate this location for the holiday season.


Designing Opportunities

The location had many beautiful areas that would take unique planning in order to accomplish the holiday decorations. The modern atmosphere of the location meant that the holiday decorations would have to mirror that aesthetic to maintain the feeling of the property.

Installation Solutions

A lot of the installation was built around the contemporary ideas that the property already held. For instance, the team decided to work with mercury glass, frosted ornamentation, and a beautiful selection of finials. Choices like these were made to help mix modern decorations with the traditional style of holiday spirit.


The team chose to use large metallic star cutouts and glittering velvet ribbons to help create the unique atmosphere. However, the main interwoven decoration that helped set this location apart came from the acrylic LED trees that the team created. These trees were custom made and serve the purpose of being extremely effective accents in the decoration. The trees were designed to run through different light shows; although they were modern in appearance, they added a magical atmosphere that traditional decorations often bring during the holidays as well. Once the holiday season was over, the team returned to dismantle the decorations and leave the location clean and ready for their next season.

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