1144 15th Street

Distinct locations put into holiday designs.

Key Information

Design Theme

Modern and unique.


1144 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


We designed for multiple locations of this property, each with unique characteristics.


Design Restrictions

Reconciling the characters of three different properties and designing related holiday displays. Their current décor wasn't adding value to the space during the holiday season and wasn't providing them with enough impact, so we needed to add a flare that would match their aesthetic while adding to the surroundings.

Installed Solutions

We focused on curating intimate moments for each property. We used low visual lines rather than one high impact moment for tenants and clients to gather throughout the space. In doing so, we effectively relayed their branding message and used a color palette appropriate for each unique location.


This location has a great portfolio of multiple properties. These properties each have a distinct design affiliated with them. Our goal is to honor the standards established by the property management company and ownership, but also showcase each property's individual identity in its best holiday outfit. We brought colors, textures, and layouts that felt cohesive to each of these individual properties. Our success lies in the experience of walking into each of these properties with the recognition of a thoughtful, clean, modernized design. The craftmanship and storyline of these curated concepts communicates the idea that they care about each of their properties equally. It also showcases them in a modern and fresh look while inviting any tenant or observer walking through their doors to be a part of this elevated experience.

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