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Interior repaint for a 12-story multi-family apartment

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100 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206


Interior repaint for a 12-story multi-family for-rent apartment high-rise and mixed-use development.


Due to regular wear and tear, the interior corridors of the apartment complex were in need of repainting. A 132 unit residential property located in a prominent neighborhood in Denver meant the needs for a detailed plan, prioritizing the timing and minimal disruption to tenants, and completing the project quickly was necessary.


To address the need of the property and ensure stability for the future, DCPS selected a paint with high-quality performance durability, longevity, and specifically designed for commercial and industrial interiors. The abrasion resistance formula hides flaws making it beneficial for the high traffic areas being addressed.

After a thorough examination of the common areas, DCPS developed a detailed plan for painting the walls, door trim and insets, and adjacent metal components within 10 hallways, 3 elevator lobbies, and 10 trash rooms. To ensure minimal disruption to the residents, DCPS coordinated a schedule with the property Maintenance Director. Due to the heavy traffic areas being addressed, DCPS selected a high-performance durability, abrasion resistant formula which hides flaws in wall or trim construction. The customer was extremely satisfied with the work performed that they requested we repaint the fitness and community rooms.

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