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    Property Maintenance: Improving Resident Satisfaction Through Routine Maintenance

    As a manager of a multifamily property, there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders; from collecting rent to facilitating repairs, there’s a lot you’re multi-tasking on a daily basis. Whether you manage large-scale apartment buildings or single-family homes, property maintenance is vital in keeping your property value up and keeping your residents safe and satisfied.

    Set Up a Property Maintenance Plan

    Maintaining a successful multi-family property is paramount. However, it can be challenging to keep up with all the maintenance around the property. Having a maintenance plan in place can help alleviate some of that stress and keep you more organized. When you don’t have a plan, the upkeep can be easily overlooked, resulting in costly maintenance and even danger. It can also help prevent potential hazards like deteriorating building material injuries or fires from poor electrical wiring. No property manager wants to be liable and face insurance premiums, court, bad press, or negative reviews. To avoid serious problems, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance and take preventative measures.

    Additionally, having a sound maintenance system in place can be a competitive differentiator for attracting and retaining residents. A recent survey found that renters who were unsatisfied with their property management company reported issues around response and resolution time for maintenance requests as the most common reason. 52.7% of renters said they would move out or not rent in the first place if they were dissatisfied with their property management company according to a survey conducted by AppFolio.

    Providing Superior Property Maintenance Service

    Giving your residents the benefits of outstanding service will also provide you with added benefits. Here are a few tips on giving the best service to your tenants.

    Respond to Requests Promptly

    Staying on top of your resident requests will help keep them satisfied. You need a system to make sure that you are providing a convenient way to communicate an issue. Residents also need assurance that somebody is getting the message and addressing their repair. It would help if you looked into a maintenance system that allows residents to self-serve and submit their requests and even track their status online to make it easier for your team to respond promptly.

    Routine Preventative Maintenance

    A regular preventative maintenance plan will not only add needed organization but also save you money that otherwise would be spent on last-minute, urgent repairs.  When you create a schedule with specific tasks to perform on a monthly, seasonal, and yearly basis, it will help prolong the life of your property and avoid those costly repairs.

    Use A Single Source

    Instead of reaching out to multiple vendors to assist you with your property maintenance needs, consider a company that can cover all the bases for you. It will help you make your job ten times easier by:

    • Reducing on-site meetings
    • Giving you a single contract for all your services
    • Providing a comprehensive view of your property from the inside out making sure nothing is neglected or overlooked
    • Offering volume discounts for multiple services and buildings

    To learn more about our property management services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services by calling 303-339-3570 or emailing us today!

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    Make the Most of Winter with Smart Building Upgrades

    While winter is a beautiful time in the Denver area, it can also be an opportunity to make improvements to your building interiors. Interior painting is one example of a job that can be done during this time to get ready for spring. Adding a new color scheme to your property or just sprucing up a fading paint job can brighten things up in your building. At Denver Commercial Property Services, we do quality interior painting for a wide range of businesses:

    • Warehouse and industrial
    • Retail outlets
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Educational buildings
    • Multi-family units
    • Office space

    We bring expertise and experience to all of our work. You can expect superior workmanship and products from our team of professionals.

    Other Improvements To-Do During Winter

    The winter months are the perfect time to schedule a project for your office space. If the space is occupied during our scheduled time, we will work around your operations safely and unobtrusively. In addition to painting, we also provide additional services your building may need such as:

    • Remodeling office spaces and bathrooms
    • Improving deteriorating parking garages
    • Installing floor coatings
    • Working on tenant improvement projects

    Our talented crew can take care of your drywall, carpentry, and masonry needs. We complete over 225 projects every year and winter and snow don’t slow us down.

    Proven Methods Result in Quality Work

    No matter what work you need to be done, we follow a process that makes sure the job is completed to the highest standards. This involves the necessary prep work, followed by close attention to detail. Each job has a project manager that oversees the work, and we communicate with our clients to let them know how things are going.

    Whether your building needs a repair or you want to put a shine on a room with some new paint, contact us or email us for your next winter project today!

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    Red Flags in Your Concrete Parking Structure

    Parking Structure Tips

    There are common misunderstandings that proper maintenance and waterproof traffic coatings on a parking garage is optional instead of a necessity.  Unfortunately, when an owner takes the risk of allowing its garage to be exposed to the elements or external forces without proper protection they take on the risk of high cost repairs, structural failures, and even life and safety hazards.  This also causes sizable financial burdens when deferred to the point of concrete failure, steel corrosion, and other issues caused by water ingress.

    The parking garage is more than a convenience or amenity to your guests, residents, or staff. A concrete garage, if under your building, also contributes to your building’s structural integrity. We suggest frequent inspections, and regular maintenance, particularly in buildings with high exposure conditions that make them more vulnerable to damage.

    High Exposure to Potential Damage

    There are so many external forces and conditions that your parking garage may be exposed to.  Some of the most common exposures that cause the greatest harm are water, ice, freeze thaw cycles, ice melts, expansion and contraction, dynamic vehicle loads, vibrations from external forces such as a neighboring train track, construction jobsites, and so much more.  Regular observations by an expert can provide valuable advice and budget #’s in order to stay in front of the damages instead of chasing your tail with annual structural repairs.

    If you’re regularly seeing these conditions and different elemental exposures on your parking garage it’s critical to understand the damages they may be causing to the structural integrity of your structure.  Often, building owners and property managers wait until concrete is falling on cars, a tire goes through the elevated deck, or other even more unfortunate events occur before they take these warning signs seriously.  The high costs and liability of these more severe conditions far exceed the costs of preventative care and regular maintenance.

    Flaws in the Concrete

    Although concrete has high compressive properties, it has very weak tensile strength which is why it cracks so easily.  In order to withstand that weakness, steel is placed in concrete for structural strengthening.  This in turn creates a whole other set of issues, particularly corrosion.

    Early warning signs of corrosion and potential compromised structural integrity include spalling, scaling, pitting, bulging, stains, cracks, and leakage. Water seeps into cracks and causes further damage, even if they have been routed and sealed. When the weather freezes, water expands and wreaks havoc on seemingly benign conditions.  Cracks eventually lead to spalling concrete. Spalling occurs when moisture and chlorides corrode the steel components inside of the concrete, which causes expansion to those components and the concrete fails.  This is where the cost of repairs can become tremendously expensive if not treated quickly and waterproofed to prevent reoccurrence.

    If you see bulging, cracks, and any other signs of aging in your concrete, it’s time to contact an expert for a free observation and consultation. Don’t allow your structure to degrade to the point of deferred maintenance, compromised structural integrity, and possibly even failure.  Routine observations, maintenance, and waterproof traffic coatings are a necessity, and we can help!

    Contact us at Denver Commercial Property Services for your free consultation and observation report

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    Expansion Provides Strategic Service Coverage to Customers South of Denver

    Denver, CO – July 29, 2021


    DCPS South Office in Centennial, CO


    Denver Commercial Property Services (“DCPS”) opens new office in the Denver Tech Center (“DTC”).

    This new location brings an additional 8,000 square feet of space with a warehouse, capacity of seating 50 more employees, a one-acre parking lot with available storage for equipment, a 100% renovation and parking lot resurfacing.

    These strategic additions have given DCPS the ability to assist southern-based companies with more services than before. This office houses managers and divisional employees for Asphalt and Concrete, Painting, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, and Janitorial sectors of the company.


    “We are proud to announce the expansion of our offices into DTC,” said Matt Harmon, co-owner of DCPS. “Having the room for 50 employees and the additional 8,000 square foot increase was a crucial investment for the company,” said Dale Heims, co-owner of DCPS, “We are confident this expansion will not only help our team, but will also provide an even better service to our south Denver customers.”

    The office buildout and expansion were made possible in partnership with Spyder Construction acting as the General Contractor. Spyder provides their customers with insurance restoration, capital improvement, roofing, and construction deficit repair.

    Learn more about Spyder Construction here: https://spydercon.com/

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    About Denver Commercial Property Services

    Denver Commercial Property Services provides commercial property services to 1,100+ clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado. 

    The company’s service lines include: Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Janitorial, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Painting & Construction Services, Interior Plantscapes and Holiday Décor. Each division is independently operated by an industry-leading management team that work together across specialties to provide integrated service solutions to commercial property owners and managers.



    Natalie Clark, Marketing Director


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    Summer Landscaping Tips

    Three Summer Landscaping Tips

    Want your landscapes to stand out this summer? Here are three summer landscaping tips to make sure your landscapes stands out and out lasts the rest!

    1. Focus on Maintenance

    The easiest way to maintain the beauty and safety of your commercial landscape is by employing regular maintenance that is both consistent and timed for effectiveness. Pruning, watering, and fertilizing should be done at specific times so that they will be most effective. When plants and trees are allowed to grow without management they can become unruly, unsightly, and unsafe for your guests and tenants.

    2. Reduce Water Usage

    When it comes to summer watering, less is more, when timed correctly. We encourage you to water your plants with less frequency but with a more thorough approach. We recommend that your lawn receive one inch of water weekly. Additionally, this is best done during the hours of 5am-6am; this early watering time helps ensure your lawn isn’t competing with evaporation due to the hot sun.

    3. Treat for Pests

    We encourage pro-activity when dealing with pests over the summer as they commonly reach an all time high during this time of the year. Untreated, these critters can have a disastrous effect on your commercial landscape. Taking the steps to have a protective and preventive plan against pests such as Japanese beetle grub and aphids can make a large difference in the longevity of the landscape you are protecting. We recommend doing this in a way that is healthy for your environment, local pollinators, and your tenants. This will increase the life of the landscape while preserving the life that your landscape provides.

    To learn more about our Landscaping services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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    fall commercial landscape

    How To Prepare Your Commercial Landscape For Fall

    Revitalize Mulch and Dethatch

    Mulch is great at protecting landscapes during the high heat of summer and cold chills of winter. Before the temperature plummets, we recommend revitalizing and extending the life of your mulch by turning it over. Use this opportunity to add more mulch as needed to protect your commercial landscape. 

    Another important task to complete at this time is the detaching of your lawn and landscape. Remove all dead roots, grass, stems and branches that may have accumulated on your property during the summer months. Removing this debris will make your property safer and tidy your landscape in preparation for the winter months.

    Protect your Shrubs and Trees

    We advise that you wrap those shrubs and trees that need protection from low temperatures. This task must be done carefully to care for the plants and in time before the first frost of the season. This will prevent damage due to cold temperatures or harm caused by snow removal chemicals that may be used nearby. 

    We also recommend that property managers organize winter watering. Trees are hugely valuable to your property, make sure they are cared for over the winter months with professional winter watering. This is also a fantastic time to plan for trimming and pruning that is best done during the winter months. 

    Plant for Fall & Spring

    The end of the growing season approaches quickly, use it as an opportunity to plant fall annuals such as chrysanthemum. This will add interest to your landscape as we transition into a new season. This will also be a great opportunity to plant bulbs for spring, new shrubs, and trees. 

    Prepare for the Holidays

    While you are working on clearing the debris and planting new bulbs this would be an ideal time to schedule and plan for the installation of your holiday decor. Installing lights and decorations will be easiest before the harsh weather begins, and while installation schedules are still open. When the holidays arrive the only task you’ll have is the flip of a switch. 

    To learn more about our Landscaping services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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    snow removal

    How to Avoid a Slip and Fall Loss

    Make Snow Removal a Priority 

    As soon as someone sets foot on your property, they are trusting you with their safety. This is why, as a property manager, you must do everything in your power to make your property as safe as possible. In Colorado especially, snow is a major cause of safety-related issues on commercial properties. Making a careful and calculated decision when choosing a snow removal contractor can help you avoid liabilities such as slip and falls.

    Choosing a Snow and Ice Contractor

    When choosing a snow and ice contractor, keep in mind that their role goes beyond just removing snow. These contractors work to mitigate risk as best they can. Unfortunately, with snow and ice comes the potential for slip and falls. Choose a contractor that will take every necessary step to keep your patrons safe from injury, while also keeping you safe from lawsuits.

    At DCPS, we conduct quality control audits during a snowfall, and several days after each snowfall. Our management team diligently looks for hazards, confirms correct snow pile placement, and photographs the property for documentation purposes. Our proactive approach to quality control significantly reduces your exposure to liability on your property.

    Get Ahead of The Snow

    Like most things, preparation is key when it comes to risk management. Using ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) training as well as industry-standard snow practices, DCPS puts together a comprehensive snow action plan tailored to each site’s needs. By creating an action plan, you can rest assured that when that first snowflake falls, your property is covered.

    Selecting a snow and ice contractor that has a strong emphasis on documentation, continuing education for their management team, and a very detailed quality control/safety inspection process is a must.  It’s very important to ask a contractor you are considering using what their plan will be to mitigate risk for your specific property.  Without a well-thought-out plan and documented hazard inspections to mitigate risk, your property and budget can suffer major consequences if faced with a personal injury claim for both property owner and contractor.

    With current temperatures in the 90’s, snow is probably the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to plan out your snow removal contract. Give yourself time to find the right contractor and create a maintenance plan that will keep your property as safe as possible.

    To learn more about our snow and ice services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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    President of IFMA Denver Chapter Mark Moore Joins DCPS Business Development Team

    Denver, CO – June 03, 2021


    Denver Commercial Property Services (DCPS), the leading provider of integrated commercial property services across Colorado, is pleased to announce that industry veteran and Colorado native Mark Moore will join their growing business development team.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the construction and real-estate industry, Mark Moore brings a strong history of building meaningful relationships and strategic growth partnerships to DCPS.


    “It has been an extraordinary 10+ years in my roll with All Phase Restoration and it is with some sadness that I close this chapter but also with absolute excitement and enthusiasm for this new opportunity to help grow Denver Commercial Property Services,” said Mark. “I am thrilled to become a part of this extraordinary team of visionary business minded people!”

    Prior to joining DCPS, Mark served as an integral member of the All Phase Restoration Denver team – growing the company annually and expanding multiple divisions within Colorado. Mark is current President of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Denver Chapter. Founded in 1982, the IFMA Denver Chapter is the fifth largest chapter in the world and one of the oldest in the history of the association.

    “Mark is a great addition to our sales team,” said Dale Heims, Owner of Denver Commercial Property Services, “His long-standing involvement in the commercial and multi-family sector gives him a robust rolodex of deep relationships. His customer base will benefit from DCPS’s broad one-stop service offering and we’re excited to welcome him.”

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    About Denver Commercial Property Services

    Denver Commercial Property Services provides commercial property services to 1,100+ clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado. 

    The company’s service lines include: Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Janitorial, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Painting & Construction Services, Interior Plantscapes and Holiday Décor. Each division is independently operated by an industry-leading management team that work together across specialties to provide integrated service solutions to commercial property owners and managers.



    Natalie Clark, Marketing Director



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    Benefits of Air Excavation for Trees

    DCPS Landscaping is now offering air excavation services as part of our tree health care initiative.

    Using an Airspade we are able to gently dislodge the soil around tree roots. This allows us to reveal the roots, metal, or pipes beneath the soil’s surface, we can then provide care to the roots without damaging the tree.

    We now offer three air excavation services intended to restore and maintain the good health of your valuable trees!

    Basel Proximity Root Excavation

    Intended to correct girdling roots. This can be identified by parts of the tree in decline or distress.

    Vertical Mulching

    For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a small scale. This is used when the soil has poor drainage, and is in need of additional nutrients.

    Radial Trenching

    For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a large scale – covering the entire root plate.

    Watch our video below to learn more and see the Airspade in use.

    Air Excavation Service Benefits

    ·      Expose girdling roots for correction

    ·      Improve soil profile by adding amendments

    ·      Reducing soil compaction

    ·      Helps in exposing other sub-surface issues that may contribute in poor tree health

    ·      Helps increase overall health & vigor of the tree

    ·      Can be used to expose roots for proper root pruning during other utilities excavation


    Getting the Process Started

    Denver Commercial Property Services is committed to ensuring your trees live a long and healthy life. Invest in air excavation for your valuable trees by calling 720-770-TREE.

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    Denver Commercial Property Services Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

    DCPS Celebrates 10 Years

    500+ jobs created, six acquisitions and three locations later, DCPS is the largest single-source provider of commercial property services in Colorado


    Denver, CO – May 19, 2021

    Denver Commercial Property Services (DCPS) celebrates their 10 Year Anniversary. What began as its first strategic acquisition of SM Sweeping in 2011, has turned into the leading provider of integrated commercial property services across Colorado.

    Since inception, DCPS has made six acquisitions, grown from one to three locations, 10 to 500+ employees, and now services over 1,100+ commercial properties annually.


    “Our success and growth have been largely attributed to our ability to attract best-in-class managers to lead each of our divisions. Their ability to deliver unparalleled customer service has allowed us to broaden and deepen our relationships with our clients,” said Dale Heims, Owner of DCPS. “We look forward to continued prudent growth and being able to find more ways to be a better partner to our clients and a great place to work for our team members.”

    North office in Commerce City, CO on the left and South office in Centennial, CO on the right

    Matt Harmon, Co-Owner of DCPS commented, “From a 1,000-sf warehouse with five employees, to three locations and over 500 employees, I couldn’t be prouder of what our team has accomplished. I feel incredibly blessed to have so many great people on our team that have made us the best property maintenance company in Denver! I cannot wait to see where we are at in another 10 years.”

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    About Denver Commercial Property Services

    Denver Commercial Property Services provides commercial property services to 1,100+ clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado.

    The company’s independently operated divisions include; Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Janitorial, Snow Removal, Sweeping, Landscaping, Painting and Stucco, Foliage Design and Holiday Décor. Each division is operated by an industry-leading management team who work together across specialties to provide the best integrated solution to commercial property owners and managers.

    The third location mentioned throughout this release will be covered in a future announcement. To stay up to date with DCPS news visit www.denvercps.com


    Natalie Clark, Marketing Director

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