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    Expansion Provides Strategic Service Coverage to Customers South of Denver

    Denver, CO – July 29, 2021


    DCPS South Office in Centennial, CO


    Denver Commercial Property Services (“DCPS”) opens new office in the Denver Tech Center (“DTC”).

    This new location brings an additional 8,000 square feet of space with a warehouse, capacity of seating 50 more employees, a one-acre parking lot with available storage for equipment, a 100% renovation and parking lot resurfacing.

    These strategic additions have given DCPS the ability to assist southern-based companies with more services than before. This office houses managers and divisional employees for Asphalt and Concrete, Painting, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, and Janitorial sectors of the company.


    “We are proud to announce the expansion of our offices into DTC,” said Matt Harmon, co-owner of DCPS. “Having the room for 50 employees and the additional 8,000 square foot increase was a crucial investment for the company,” said Dale Heims, co-owner of DCPS, “We are confident this expansion will not only help our team, but will also provide an even better service to our south Denver customers.”

    The office buildout and expansion were made possible in partnership with Spyder Construction acting as the General Contractor. Spyder provides their customers with insurance restoration, capital improvement, roofing, and construction deficit repair.

    Learn more about Spyder Construction here: https://spydercon.com/

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    About Denver Commercial Property Services

    Denver Commercial Property Services provides commercial property services to 1,100+ clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado. 

    The company’s service lines include: Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Janitorial, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Painting & Construction Services, Interior Plantscapes and Holiday Décor. Each division is independently operated by an industry-leading management team that work together across specialties to provide integrated service solutions to commercial property owners and managers.



    Natalie Clark, Marketing Director


    Summer Landscaping Tips

    Three Summer Landscaping Tips

    Want your landscapes to stand out this summer? Here are three summer landscaping tips to make sure your landscapes stands out and out lasts the rest!

    1. Focus on Maintenance

    The easiest way to maintain the beauty and safety of your commercial landscape is by employing regular maintenance that is both consistent and timed for effectiveness. Pruning, watering, and fertilizing should be done at specific times so that they will be most effective. When plants and trees are allowed to grow without management they can become unruly, unsightly, and unsafe for your guests and tenants.

    2. Reduce Water Usage

    When it comes to summer watering, less is more, when timed correctly. We encourage you to water your plants with less frequency but with a more thorough approach. We recommend that your lawn receive one inch of water weekly. Additionally, this is best done during the hours of 5am-6am; this early watering time helps ensure your lawn isn’t competing with evaporation due to the hot sun.

    3. Treat for Pests

    We encourage pro-activity when dealing with pests over the summer as they commonly reach an all time high during this time of the year. Untreated, these critters can have a disastrous effect on your commercial landscape. Taking the steps to have a protective and preventive plan against pests such as Japanese beetle grub and aphids can make a large difference in the longevity of the landscape you are protecting. We recommend doing this in a way that is healthy for your environment, local pollinators, and your tenants. This will increase the life of the landscape while preserving the life that your landscape provides.

    To learn more about our Landscaping services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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    fall commercial landscape

    How To Prepare Your Commercial Landscape For Fall

    Revitalize Mulch and Dethatch

    Mulch is great at protecting landscapes during the high heat of summer and cold chills of winter. Before the temperature plummets, we recommend revitalizing and extending the life of your mulch by turning it over. Use this opportunity to add more mulch as needed to protect your commercial landscape. 

    Another important task to complete at this time is the detaching of your lawn and landscape. Remove all dead roots, grass, stems and branches that may have accumulated on your property during the summer months. Removing this debris will make your property safer and tidy your landscape in preparation for the winter months.

    Protect your Shrubs and Trees

    We advise that you wrap those shrubs and trees that need protection from low temperatures. This task must be done carefully to care for the plants and in time before the first frost of the season. This will prevent damage due to cold temperatures or harm caused by snow removal chemicals that may be used nearby. 

    We also recommend that property managers organize winter watering. Trees are hugely valuable to your property, make sure they are cared for over the winter months with professional winter watering. This is also a fantastic time to plan for trimming and pruning that is best done during the winter months. 

    Plant for Fall & Spring

    The end of the growing season approaches quickly, use it as an opportunity to plant fall annuals such as chrysanthemum. This will add interest to your landscape as we transition into a new season. This will also be a great opportunity to plant bulbs for spring, new shrubs, and trees. 

    Prepare for the Holidays

    While you are working on clearing the debris and planting new bulbs this would be an ideal time to schedule and plan for the installation of your holiday decor. Installing lights and decorations will be easiest before the harsh weather begins, and while installation schedules are still open. When the holidays arrive the only task you’ll have is the flip of a switch. 

    To learn more about our Landscaping services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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    snow removal

    How to Avoid a Slip and Fall Loss

    Make Snow Removal a Priority 

    As soon as someone sets foot on your property, they are trusting you with their safety. This is why, as a property manager, you must do everything in your power to make your property as safe as possible. In Colorado especially, snow is a major cause of safety-related issues on commercial properties. Making a careful and calculated decision when choosing a snow removal contractor can help you avoid liabilities such as slip and falls.

    Choosing a Snow and Ice Contractor

    When choosing a snow and ice contractor, keep in mind that their role goes beyond just removing snow. These contractors work to mitigate risk as best they can. Unfortunately, with snow and ice comes the potential for slip and falls. Choose a contractor that will take every necessary step to keep your patrons safe from injury, while also keeping you safe from lawsuits.

    At DCPS, we conduct quality control audits during a snowfall, and several days after each snowfall. Our management team diligently looks for hazards, confirms correct snow pile placement, and photographs the property for documentation purposes. Our proactive approach to quality control significantly reduces your exposure to liability on your property.

    Get Ahead of The Snow

    Like most things, preparation is key when it comes to risk management. Using ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) training as well as industry-standard snow practices, DCPS puts together a comprehensive snow action plan tailored to each site’s needs. By creating an action plan, you can rest assured that when that first snowflake falls, your property is covered.

    Selecting a snow and ice contractor that has a strong emphasis on documentation, continuing education for their management team, and a very detailed quality control/safety inspection process is a must.  It’s very important to ask a contractor you are considering using what their plan will be to mitigate risk for your specific property.  Without a well-thought-out plan and documented hazard inspections to mitigate risk, your property and budget can suffer major consequences if faced with a personal injury claim for both property owner and contractor.

    With current temperatures in the 90’s, snow is probably the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to plan out your snow removal contract. Give yourself time to find the right contractor and create a maintenance plan that will keep your property as safe as possible.

    To learn more about our snow and ice services, contact Denver Commercial Property Services today!

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