Benefits of Air Excavation for Trees

DCPS Landscaping is now offering air excavation services as part of our tree health care initiative.

Using an Airspade we are able to gently dislodge the soil around tree roots. This allows us to reveal the roots, metal, or pipes beneath the soil’s surface, we can then provide care to the roots without damaging the tree.

We now offer three air excavation services intended to restore and maintain the good health of your valuable trees!

Basel Proximity Root Excavation

Intended to correct girdling roots. This can be identified by parts of the tree in decline or distress.

Vertical Mulching

For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a small scale. This is used when the soil has poor drainage, and is in need of additional nutrients.

Radial Trenching

For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a large scale – covering the entire root plate.

Watch our video below to learn more and see the Airspade in use.

Air Excavation Service Benefits

·      Expose girdling roots for correction

·      Improve soil profile by adding amendments

·      Reducing soil compaction

·      Helps in exposing other sub-surface issues that may contribute in poor tree health

·      Helps increase overall health & vigor of the tree

·      Can be used to expose roots for proper root pruning during other utilities excavation

Getting the Process Started

Denver Commercial Property Services is committed to ensuring your trees live a long and healthy life. Invest in air excavation for your valuable trees by calling 720-770-TREE.