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    President of IFMA Denver Chapter Mark Moore Joins DCPS Business Development Team

    Denver, CO – June 03, 2021


    Denver Commercial Property Services (DCPS), the leading provider of integrated commercial property services across Colorado, is pleased to announce that industry veteran and Colorado native Mark Moore will join their growing business development team.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the construction and real-estate industry, Mark Moore brings a strong history of building meaningful relationships and strategic growth partnerships to DCPS.


    “It has been an extraordinary 10+ years in my roll with All Phase Restoration and it is with some sadness that I close this chapter but also with absolute excitement and enthusiasm for this new opportunity to help grow Denver Commercial Property Services,” said Mark. “I am thrilled to become a part of this extraordinary team of visionary business minded people!”

    Prior to joining DCPS, Mark served as an integral member of the All Phase Restoration Denver team – growing the company annually and expanding multiple divisions within Colorado. Mark is current President of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Denver Chapter. Founded in 1982, the IFMA Denver Chapter is the fifth largest chapter in the world and one of the oldest in the history of the association.

    “Mark is a great addition to our sales team,” said Dale Heims, Owner of Denver Commercial Property Services, “His long-standing involvement in the commercial and multi-family sector gives him a robust rolodex of deep relationships. His customer base will benefit from DCPS’s broad one-stop service offering and we’re excited to welcome him.”

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    About Denver Commercial Property Services

    Denver Commercial Property Services provides commercial property services to 1,100+ clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado. 

    The company’s service lines include: Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Janitorial, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Painting & Construction Services, Interior Plantscapes and Holiday Décor. Each division is independently operated by an industry-leading management team that work together across specialties to provide integrated service solutions to commercial property owners and managers.



    Natalie Clark, Marketing Director



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    Benefits of Air Excavation for Trees

    DCPS Landscaping is now offering air excavation services as part of our tree health care initiative.

    Using an Airspade we are able to gently dislodge the soil around tree roots. This allows us to reveal the roots, metal, or pipes beneath the soil’s surface, we can then provide care to the roots without damaging the tree.

    We now offer three air excavation services intended to restore and maintain the good health of your valuable trees!

    Basel Proximity Root Excavation

    Intended to correct girdling roots. This can be identified by parts of the tree in decline or distress.

    Vertical Mulching

    For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a small scale. This is used when the soil has poor drainage, and is in need of additional nutrients.

    Radial Trenching

    For amending soil, adding more nutrients on a large scale – covering the entire root plate.

    Watch our video below to learn more and see the Airspade in use.

    Air Excavation Service Benefits

    ·      Expose girdling roots for correction

    ·      Improve soil profile by adding amendments

    ·      Reducing soil compaction

    ·      Helps in exposing other sub-surface issues that may contribute in poor tree health

    ·      Helps increase overall health & vigor of the tree

    ·      Can be used to expose roots for proper root pruning during other utilities excavation


    Getting the Process Started

    Denver Commercial Property Services is committed to ensuring your trees live a long and healthy life. Invest in air excavation for your valuable trees by calling 720-770-TREE.

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