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Asphalt Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pavement in Good Condition

Keeping your asphalt in excellent condition helps to attract and retain clients. Effective asphalt maintenance is essential for commercial properties in Colorado that have an asphalt parking lot. However, many commercial property managers or facility managers neglect their asphalt parking lots because they don’t feel it is a top priority or lack the understanding of what is needed to maintain it. Here are a few asphalt maintenance tips to help keep your parking lot or pavement in good condition.

Basic and Extensive Asphalt Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your asphalt parking lot helps keep it in good condition. Sweeping an asphalt parking lot regularly eliminates dust and debris. Doing so keeps your parking lot clean, visually appealing, and safe for visitors. Your asphalt parking lot also needs extensive cleaning periodically to remove oil, paint, and other substances that are difficult to remove with standard cleaning techniques. For sweeping and an extensive cleaning service, property managers hire commercial property services companies that have knowledgeable, skilled, experienced crews and modern, heavy-duty asphalt cleaning tools and equipment.

Fill Potholes and Sealcoat the Asphalt

Potholes occur when underground water expands and contracts. They can grow larger and damage your parking lot if you don’t fill them. It is best to hire a professional asphalt services company to fill potholes as soon as they appear. Typically, these types of companies can also seal coat the asphalt. This process involves adding a top sealant layer to the asphalt, making it more durable by protecting it from harsh elements. Sealcoating stops water from seeping into the asphalt, causing erosion, and potholes to form. It also improves the look of your asphalt parking by giving it a glossy finish, boosting your property’s curb appeal. Typically, a seal coat should be applied every 2–4 years to help preserve and protect the asphalt. Additionally, keep in mind that allowing heavy vehicles to park on your asphalt parking lot for extended periods can lead to damage due to excess weight. If they must park there, allow it only for a short time. Likewise, encourage employees to park their vehicles in different spots to prevent the heavier vehicles from gradually damaging specific areas.

Deicer Considerations and Draining Water

During winter, to properly protect you, your employees, and visitors from slip and fall injuries, typically snow management companies will spread deicing material on your parking lot. Adding deicing agents, such as salt, speeds up the melting of the snow as it reduces the melting and freezing points of ice and water, respectively. The best deicing salt to use depends on the temperature level. Calcium chloride works better than sodium chloride in extremely low temperatures because it produces heat upon mixing with moisture. Calcium chloride is an effective deicer, but it comes with risks that need to be taken into account. Improper use of calcium chloride has been known to corrode asphalt surfaces due to its ability to generate extreme heat and negatively impact their structural integrity. In addition, the presence of calcium chloride in draining water can also damage the asphalt surface over time. Sodium Chloride (rock salt) is the most commonly used deicer, as it is relatively inexpensive. It has a lower temperature effectiveness when compared to calcium chloride. Sodium Chloride also poses fewer risks to asphalt surfaces since it does not produce extreme heat upon contact with moisture.  Nonetheless, the extended use of sodium chloride can still damage asphalt pavements. The salt can corrode its surface and accelerate deterioration caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Therefore, when using sodium chloride for deicing, it is important to monitor its amount and ensure proper drainage away from the pavement. Moreover, keeping your asphalt parking lot dry can help it stay in good condition. Install and maintain an effective drainage system to prevent water from pooling, which can worsen potholes and cause further damage to your parking area. An experienced asphalt company can guide you on the best drainage system and locations for installing drainage for your parking lot. Utilizing professional asphalt maintenance services can help protect your asphalt pavement from the potential negative effects of deicing agents and drain water. A specialist can provide you with an evaluation to determine whether your asphalt needs repair or restoration work, and make recommendations on the best deicing materials for your specific application. Additionally, proper maintenance, such as crack sealing and seal coating, can enhance the overall performance of your parking lot and protect it from damage caused by deicing agents.

Comprehensive Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Services

Following these tips will help improve the durability, appearance, and help extend the life of your asphalt parking lot. Denver Commercial Property Services provides quality concrete and asphalt maintenance services throughout Colorado. Visit our website for inquiries or to request services.