3 Periodic Tasks that Help Keep Your Facility in Top Condition

Facility care can differ depending on your property finishes. It can include structural maintenance, indoor maintenance, and outdoor maintenance like landscaping and hardscaping. But, there are basic types of care for interior flooring and other surfaces that can benefit most facilities. Routine proper facility care and maintenance will help to keep your building safe and decrease the number of major repairs for years to come.

1. Hard Floor Care for Commercial Spaces

Hard floor care can mean working with materials that include linoleum, concrete, VCT, sheet vinyl, and different types of manufactured products. Maintenance can include the simple task of sweeping and mopping to more complicated tasks of stripping and waxing or applying epoxy or other covering. Your type of flooring material dictates the type of care it will need to keep it looking presentable and keep damage to a minimum.

2. Maintaining Quality Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone maintenance requires particular care. Before beginning any steps to take care of natural stone floors, it’s important to know what type of stone you have and what its needs are. Is the stone porous? Is it cracked? Is it bumpy? Is it all one color or multiple colors? Part of maintaining the look of your stone floor and keeping those who walk on it safe from falling can be as simple as proper conditioning and using a mat along walkways and traffic areas.

3. Care for Your Commercial Carpet

Carpet care is necessary whether your facility is an office building, school, or industrial space. Commercial carpet care in the form of extraction will keep your carpets looking great, and can cut down on dirt and germs in your building. There are a variety of periodic and routine techniques to keep your carpets clean and healthy, and to properly maintain warranties. A full carpet maintenance program should also include repairs to pieces that have been pulled up or that have buckled from carpet glue dissolving. These things can pose a slip and fall risk, so it is imperative to keep up with tears and uneven areas of carpet.


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